Commercial & Industrial Valuation Services

Appraisal Experts of Michigan is positioned to deliver high quality and affordable commercial real estate appraisals.  We are committed to excellent service and exceeding our clients’ expectations.  Here’s what you could expect:

High quality compliant reports

Quick turn-around times

Always on time

Leading database & tech platform

Experienced & licensed appraisers

Competitive fees

The Appraisal Experts Difference

Many of the smaller commercial appraisal firms (1 to 2 person shops) do not have capacity, database & resources, and/or experience with various property types and geographical locations. All of Appraisal Experts appraisals are performed by experienced licensed commercial appraisers.

Many of the larger, national, commercial appraisal firms charge “Corporate fees” and share overhead expenses resulting in higher cost appraisals. The majority of the larger, national, commercial appraisal firms are commingled with a brokerage & management division. This is an important difference: Appraisal Experts is not influenced by a brokerage arm; as such, we are truly independent and unbiased. We only provide commercial appraisal and consulting services. We do not include additional fees for shared overhead expenses nor do we charge “brand fees” for being part of a larger, national, commercial appraisal firm.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Property Types



Apartment Complexes

Industrial Buildings

Office Buildings

Vacant Land

Why pay for a commercial appraisal if you don’t have to?

A certified commercial appraisal contains information and market data required by industry guidelines and financial institutions. However, if you only need basic market info, a full appraisal may not be needed. If this is the case, our much more affordable commercial due diligence service can get you all the info you need. Having a due diligence report drafted prior to a full appraisal is a great first step. The standard fee for our full appraisal service is $1500. If you start with our due diligence report and move on to a full appraisal, you can credit the cost of your purchase toward the cost of a full appraisal.

By doing this, you limit your initial out of pocket expense while providing yourself with relevant market information. After reviewing this report you can then use this information to help you decide whether you’d like to move forward with the full appraisal.

We offer two versions of this report, a standard commercial due diligence report and an enhanced commercial due diligence report.

Due Diligence Report

The purpose of the Due Diligence Report is to assist the client in determining a course of action with regard to real estate activity by providing an initial evaluation of sales activity in the current market, and a preliminary analysis of net income projections as they translate to value. This product, while not a complete appraisal provides a cursory review and analysis of actual recent sales activity in the local market, and a pro forma income capitalization, designed to assist the client in determining the feasibility of further more comprehensive appraisal expense.

A more detailed report that includes:


  • An executive summary.
  • Interior and exterior inspection of the property.
  • A market approach based on current reflective comparable sales.
  • Income approach based on actual rent comparables and actual income and expense data, and an addendum including supporting documentation.

The cost of this report is $750 and has a turn time of 7-10 business days.


You can upgrade to a full appraisal by paying the difference of the selected due diligence report and the full appraisal within 6 months of your order. Please note that any appraisal report as a result of an upgrade will be based on the same effective date utilized in the due diligence report.