It is not uncommon for a City or Township to over-assess your home when your home is overvalued; it translates to a higher real estate tax bill.

If you believe this has happened to you, you may want to have your home appraised to estimate its true cash value. This appraisal can be used as evidence if you decide to appeal your assessment with your local board of review or with the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

It is possible to challenge your assessment, but you must be able to prove that your home is being over assed by your local municipality. Put simply, you need to provide comparable sales or market information to prove that the property is overvalued. The best way to do this is to have a real estate appraisal completed by a certified appraiser which estimates your homes true cash value. An appraisal is a legal document which contains the relevant market to challenge your assessment.

Appraisal Experts has the experience needed to develop an appraisal for tax assessment appeal purposes. An appraisal used in legal proceedings must be written correctly to meet guidelines, and must be for tax assessment appeal purposes. Your assessment is based on True Cash Value and not on the Market Value of your home. Using an appraisal that was prepared for your mortgage is not recommended.