Below are the top ten most frequently cited FHA repairs. This list is not all-inclusive. However, accounting for these most frequently cited repairs prior to the appraisal inspection can help reduce the need for re-inspections and additional fees.

  • Have all utilities on before the appraiser arrives (i.e., water, gas, electricity, etc.).
  • Make sure the furnace will turn on even on hot summer days.
  • Make sure the hot water tank has a discharge pipe which extends to within six inches of the floor.
  • Make sure all crawl space access doors can be found and opened. Also, make sure all attic areas can be inspected.
  • Install handrails on all stairs with three or more steps.
  • Make sure all gutters have downspouts and extenders which direct the water away from the house. (Most water seepage in basements and crawl spaces is caused by the lack of extenders on gutter downspouts and negative grade, which allows outside water to pond around the foundation.)
  • Scrape and paint all peeling exterior and interior paint on all wood surfaces. Remove peeling paint from non-wood surfaces (i.e., concrete, aluminum, etc.) unless re-painting these surfaces is more desirable.
  • Repair all broken windows.
  • Repair or replace all uneven or badly cracked hazardous concrete or asphalt including public sidewalks. Use appropriate repair materials. Also, “mud jacking” uneven concrete can be less costly.
  • “Tuck Point” cracks in mortar of brick or cinder block areas around porches, foundations,etc.